Pre Primary Activities

Pre Primary Activities
For the Nursery students Clay Maulding Competition was held on 24th April, 09. The students made beautiful things like elephant, grapes, frog, sun, snake etc. The students enjoyed the activity a lot. Students were awarded prizes.
Independence Day and Janamashtmi was celebrated on 14th August,09. Children dressed up in beautiful traditional dresses. A few students were dressed up as Radhaji and Krishanji. They enjoyed a lot.
Fun & Masti was held on 23rd October. Students of the Nursery classes participated in different races like the Pick and run race, Rolling baby and Bride and Groom race.

Smart Class
The school has adopted modern facilities to teach the students. The school has special projector room to teach the students the nuance each and every subject.

Play way Method
In order to enable its students to be at par with the changing times method is introduced, so that pupils can learn the things easily while playing and enjoy their course.

Prayer, Yoga and Meditation
It is obligatory for all children to participate in daily silent prayer and meditation, in cultural and aesthetic activities and its moral instructions. Special emphasis is laid upon yoga so that the child has a perfect control over the mind, senses and body. However, religious instructions, when imparted, will be purely optionalto be followed.

Calligraphy Classes
The art of writing beautifully is known as Calligraphy. In a students life, it is very important that he/she writes in legible beautiful handwriting, keeping this in view, we at NPS, make it a point to improve the handwriting, by organizing regular calligraphy classes.

A program which enables the students to achieve an extremely high standard of mental arithmetic. Abacus means Mental Maths. It is an old method of teaching basic rules of arithmetic. It is very interesting method of developing interest of the students in a tough subject like Maths. We at NPS make it a point to introduce our students to abacus at the very earliest.

Moral Values
It is the responsibility of every educational institution to inculcate moral values among its students with this aim in mind; the school not only has separate classes for students on moral values, but also encourages them to take part in various competitions held in the city on moral values. The good point is that the students have brought laurels for the school in these competitions as well. Our students participated in

I. Geeta Shalok Recitation Competition held at Ramcharit Manas School, Karnal and bagged 3rd Prize.

II. Moreover a lecture on moral values for class X to XII was also organised on 16-11-09 under the banner of citizens grievances and Srijan committee.

III. Our students also participated in Painting Competition organized by Bharat Vikas Parishad on the topics save electricity and water and bagged 2nd prize.

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